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Hire an Attorney to Help With Insurance Disputes

Sometimes, after years of paying premiums, policyholders find their insurance company isn’t willing to honor good faith responsibilities. In some of those cases, providers knowingly deny claims without a valid reason, thinking that policyholders will accept the denial of benefits without a fight. In fact, some providers routinely deny their responsibility until a policyholder determines to take legal action. It’s important to note that many denials do not constitute a bad faith case. When they do, however, you may require the assistance of an attorney to obtain justice. At Cartee & Lloyd, Attorneys at Law, we understand that an insurance claim dispute can be difficult to face. At the outset of your struggle, you may feel powerless when facing the provider, especially if you’re acting on your own. Our insurance bad faith claim attorney in Tuscaloosa has experience representing clients seeking compensation. If you feel that you are entitled to benefits the provider is refusing to pay, visit with an insurance dispute attorney from our firm. We have the resources to represent you, fight for your interests, assess your situation and ensure you are able to meet the provider on an equal footing.

Get the Representation You Need in Alabama

An experienced lawyer from Cartee & Lloyd, Attorneys at Law, may be able to help you get the benefits for which you’ve been paying. We offer our services to clients in Tuscaloosa and Northport. We’ll work closely with you and may be able to help you understand why your claim was denied or obtain the financial compensation you deserve. In addition to handling these disputes, our firm takes on a variety of cases. Could you use the services of a nursing home negligence lawyer? Call our firm at 205-759-1554. 

Legal Help for Insurance Bad Faith Cases in Tuscaloosa