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Alabama Attorney With Experience in School Bus Collision Cases 

When you put your precious children on the bus, you trust they’ll make it home to you safe and sound. If the worst happens and your child experiences a school bus accident, it’s important to know what to do afterward. The offices of Cartee & Lloyd, Attorneys at Law, in Tuscaloosa can help you find the right school bus injury lawyer or accident attorney to pursue legal action to those at fault for your child’s injuries. A school bus accident lawyer can look at your case and answer some of your questions about why this happened. Unfortunately, many school bus accidents are caused by the negligence of other drivers on the road who are not following the laws and letting the bus have the right of way. It’s also common for other drivers to ignore a stopped school bus, which causes many children to be hit as they’re getting off the bus.

Injuries Suffered During Public School Bus Accidents

School bus accidents can happen whether your child goes to private school or public school in Northport. The potential for a serious injury may be greater because of the young age of the victims in these crashes. If your child has suffered a traumatic brain injury, head trauma, a spinal cord injury or paralysis, it’s important to know an attorney may be able to help you get compensation for your large medical bills and other expenses.

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After the devastation of a school bus crash, it’s important to know there are legal professionals who can offer assistance. In Tuscaloosa and Northport, you can find a spinal cord injury lawyer who will work for you and help your family cope with the devastation. You can find out more and schedule a free consultation by calling our office at 205-759-1554. 

Tuscaloosa Lawyers for Cases Involving School Bus Accidents