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Attorneys Helping Clients Secure Social Security Disability in Alabama

Social Security disability benefits, or SSDI, are a necessity for over 1 million recipients. If you are applying to SSI or SSDI, however, you should be ready to consult with a disability attorney. The process is notoriously complex and often frustrating, but a disability lawyer may be able to advocate for your needs. Clients seeking an attorney in Alabama can reach out to Cartee & Lloyd Attorneys at Law for assistance in seeking compensation. We are committed to serving our clients and fighting for their rights.

SSI/SSDI Eligibility & Denial

There are many stipulations regulating who is and is not eligible to receive SSI and SSDI benefits. Even if you seem to satisfy all requirements, however, you may have your application denied. A lawyer may be able to assist you in appealing your denial by providing the following services:

  • Complete forms and documents
  • Collect and furnish necessary documentation
  • Serve as legal representative
  • Communicate with authorities regarding application
  • Initiate the legal process of an appeal
  • Ensure your rights are protected

Trusted Legal Advocates

Social Security is a necessary safety net for people who are elderly, disabled or otherwise unable to work. Applying for SSI and SSDI benefits can be a far more difficult process than you would anticipate, though. Many people are denied and give up after that, but hiring a Social Security attorney may make the process easier and improve your chances of being approved. Cartee & Lloyd Attorneys at Law offers legal services to clients who are in need of advocacy. For more information and to schedule a consultation with an attorney, reach out to us at 205-759-1554.

Attorneys Helping Clients Secure Social Security Disability