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Lawyers Helping With Workers’ Compensation Cases in Alabama

Every workers’ comp attorney knows that there are often many obstacles that stand in the way of getting a claim approved. These roadblocks are immensely frustrating to anybody attempting to navigate the system on their own, but a lawyer can help you tackle them. If you are looking for such an attorney in Alabama, Cartee & Lloyd Attorneys at Law represents clients who have sustained a work injury and are seeking the workers' compensation they are due. Some of the most common injuries that lead to claims include:

  • Slip and fall or trip and fall
  • Overexertion
  • Fall from elevated platform
  • Struck by or against object

How We Can Help

There are many ways an attorney can help you with your workers’ comp claims process. In addition to relieving the stress of the situation, an attorney can help you complete the necessary forms and prevent further delay by ensuring they are filled out accurately. A lawyer will also represent you in legal interactions to advocate for your rights and fight for the approval of your compensation claim.

Representing You Through the Entire Claim Process

Workers’ comp is an essential part of the labor system. Its safety net ensures that injured workers will not be penalized for their injury or further harmed because of it. This is how it should work, at least, but it is often necessary to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer to get the wages you are due. Cartee & Lloyd Attorneys at Law offers representation to clients filing workers’ compensation, as well as clients in need of a Social Security lawyer. For comprehensive legal services in Alabama, reach out to us at 205-759-1554.

Workers’ Compensation Cases in Tuscaloosa